Grant Guidelines


FirstDay Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to making good greater throughout the world by providing philanthropic grants and management and governance services to nonprofit organizations doing good work.


FirstDay Foundation grants are intended to leverage resources and to amplify the capability and capacity of the recipient organization.


FirstDay Foundation values organizations that are making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals. The Foundation particularly values efforts to meet the urgent or compelling needs of those who are underserved.


Rising from a heritage of caring that began in 1944 when a group of business, civic and religious leaders came together for a good and common purpose, FirstDay Foundation is committed to honor the legacy of those who came before us who were committed to a compassionate mission and to honor those who invested in the mission.

Funding Interests

FirstDay Foundation is principally interested in supporting organizations that are striving to respond to unmet human needs through innovative and sustainable services. The leveraging of a grant from FirstDay is highly desirable as are initiatives that establish and preserve operational capacity and capability.

Grant Restrictions

Type of Organization: Grants will only be considered for 501(c)3 public charities or select governmental agencies.

Size of Organization: While the size of the applicant organization is not always pertinent to consideration of funding, FirstDay Foundation has particular interest in organizations that are doing good and important work and could increase capacity to respond to unmet needs.

Funding Uses: Grants will be considered for needs that increase operational capability and capacity. Grants will not be made to individuals or to fund debt or litigation.

Repeat grantees: All grants from FirstDay Foundation should be considered one-time grants and in no way should be considered an indicator for future grant funding from FirstDay Foundation.

Invitation to Apply

Only organizations invited to apply through the application process will be considered for funding. Unsolicited applications will not be considered nor reviewed, and the applicant organization will be deemed ineligible for future funding.

Grant Types

General operating support: The grantee to decide how funds are used to fulfill its mission.

Capacity building grant: Funding for core organizational skills and capabilities, such as leadership, fundraising, and management.

Project support grant: Funding for specified program or project.

Seed grant: Start-up funds for a new program.

Challenge/matching grant: This grant type provides funds with the expectation (or on the condition) that additional funds are raised from other sources.

PRI: This is a loan, loan guarantee, or other investment that offers a return—either through repayment or return on equity.

Capital grant: A capital grant funds the purchase or construction of a building, land, or major equipment.

Innovation grant: This grant type funds projects that experiment with new solutions to social problems. Innovation grants are key roles for foundations because few organizations have the same luxury of funding projects perceived to be risky.

Grant Size

Organizations that are invited to apply will be advised on the maximum amount to request in their grant application.

How to Apply

Organizations that are invited to apply will receive an email with a hyperlink to a secure website for completing the online application and for submitting all required material.